Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ski Clothing Hire: Snowboarding

Whether you are looking to ski or snowboard you will need to hire the correct clothing and equipment to ensure that you enjoy yourself and stay injury free.
So what is snowboarding and how can you do it safely?

What is snowboarding?

Invented by Jake Burton, snowboarding is an interesting cross between skating and surfing on snow. The boarder has both feet strapped on a board which is then controlled to glide along the snow. There are three different ways to snowboard: Freeride, Freestyle and Alpine. It has been a viable sport in the Winter Olympics since 1998.

Which is easier skiing or snowboarding?
Different people have differing opinions about this one. Some people think that the first few days learning to snowboard are far easier then learning to ski whereas other people believe that it is easier to master snowboarding than it is skiing. Why not try it out and find out for yourself. The one thing we can guarantee is that it is definitely a different experience.

How do you snowboard safely?

The first thing is to invest a little bit of money in some beginner lessons to ensure that you start your snowboarding experience as you mean to go on. You will also learn how to fall safely so as to not injure yourself by crouching rather than actually falling. It is also highly recommended to wear safety gear including wrist guards, padded snowboard pants and a helmet.  You can also buy padding for other parts of the body including hips, knees, spine and shoulders.

Whether snowboarding or skiing you should always ensure that you are correctly equipped and wearing the right ski clothing, such as Volcom snowboard jackets.

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