Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mens Converse All Stars: Skateboarding Ambassadors

The subcultures of mens Converse All Stars range from rock music to basketball legends, and the All Stars now have a full collection of skateboarding personalities to boot.

Mens Converse All Stars have infected the rock world, the basketball world, the writing world, the art world and also the skateboarding world. So many global celebs have worn mens Converse All Stars, making them the iconic footwear that they are today.

With basketball legends like Chuck Taylor, bands such as The Who, Metallica and The Jam, and the likes of modern day artists such Damion Silver, Timothy Liles and Scott Patt, mens Converse All Stars have explored many different avenues in modern culture. And that’s what it’s about – bringing people together through great music, incredible style, exciting sports and thought-provoking art work.

We certainly can’t forget the influence that mens Converse All Stars have had on the skateboarding world, and the superb collection of skateboarding personalities show just what an integral part these shoes play in the extreme sport. Ambassadors include Angel Ramirez, Rune Glifberg, Sammy Baca, Nick Trapasso, Tom Remillard, Anthony Pappalardo, Raymond Molinar, Ethan Fowler, Eli Reed and Kenny Anderson.

These ambassadors are pioneers of mens Converse All Stars, but while their skateboarding profile goes hand in hand with their iconic choice of footwear, they also all have other hidden talents. Shock horror, yes they really do have other interests. Did you know that Anthony Pappalardo, otherwise known as ‘Pops’ is a successful furniture maker? And Ethan Fowler is a ripping guitarist? No, and I bet you were none the wiser to Raymond Molinar’s musical talents and his love for analogue cameras (don’t ask – some people have weird hobbies).  

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