Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Knowing How To “Flex”

Golf clubs are a very important piece of golf equipment. Knowing your golf club well can make for an excellent round of golf.

This is because golf clubs, just like other golf equipment, need familiarity in order to be used effectively. Take exercise and training equipment for instance. You need to know what suits your body type and weak points for it to be effective. And with so many types of golf equipment out there, this is no easy task.

Going back to golf clubs, there is this certain thing called “flex”. Flex basically refers to the ability of the golf shaft to “bend” as you take your golf swing. For those who aren’t familiar with the term “shaft”, this is the metal “stick” of your golf club. Bending here shouldn’t be taken literally. It is more of being “flexible” and the ability to move easily. This is made possible because of various forces that are present during the golf swing.

This ability to flex is very important since it affects your overall swing. You may intend for a fast swing. But not having the proper flex can adversely affect the overall results. To understand this whole flex thing, here are a few fast facts about shaft flex:
  1. There are five basic types of shaft flex. Just like your average piece of golf equipment, you need to know which one is best suited to your game. These five types include: Extra Stiff; Stiff, Regular; Ladies; and Senior. They basically refer to one’s ability, game type, or the user’s strength. Wrong flex ratings (not being suited to your swing) results in a misaligned clubface at impact. This in turn results in your ball gong way off the mark.
  2. The shaft flex affects (both directly and indirectly) three vital swing factors. These are: trajectory, accuracy, and distance. These may sound very technical. We suggest that you don’t trouble yourself too much about them. Simply remember that the wrong shaft flex will affect that shot tremendously.
  3. The shaft flex stiffness likewise affects where the ball will go. For right-handed players for instance, a really stiff shaft flex will result in a clubface that is open. This normally sends balls veering towards the right. The reverse (shaft flex that isn’t so stiff) results in closed clubfaces,. This in turn sends balls going to the left. It is basically getting that shaft flex stiffness just right.

These are just some simple things to keep in mind when choosing golf clubs which you can get at Tony Valentine Golf Centre. There may be so many choices out there. But just as you choose your other golf equipment, just remember to take the time to know your game. Because getting the golf equipment right will likewise make your game “just right”.

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