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Golf Clubs – Warm up Exercises

Being physically fit and warming up your muscles is just as important in golf as in any other sport.

Just because golf has a reputation for being genteel doesn’t mean it isn’t physically exacting. Golfers need to be aware of the benefits of warm-up exercises before a match, particularly for injury prevention from strains or muscle pulls caused by swinging your golf clubs.

Golf is a popular sport with no age limits and the tendency to see players as retired and not necessarily in the peak of physical condition, contributes to the injury risk.

Golfers can commonly suffer sprains and overuse injuries as well as more rarely, acute injuries from falls or being hit by golf balls or golf clubs.
Although professional golfers are more likely to suffer an injury of some sort thanks to the amount of time spent playing the game, amateurs are more susceptible to strains. This is because if you are not in physical shape, than the swing of your golf clubs place greater stress on your muscles and bones.

Warming-up therefore is essential – the hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders, lower back, chest, trunk, hamstrings and groin are all used swinging your golf clubs.

Some useful warm up exercises before you pick up your golf clubs:

  • Arm Circles

Hold your arms outright to your side and start rotating in small circles, gradually increasing the circle. Switch direction every 15 seconds twice.

  • Overhead Extension

This helps to prepare your shoulders – hold one of your golf clubs over your head with your arms extended and feet set apart, lower the club towards your feet and up again. You only need to do this for a few minutes.

  • Overhead side bend

Chose one of your golf clubs and hold it above your head (as above) lean your body to one side and hold briefly until you feel a slight stretch on the opposite side, than switch sides. Do this four or five times.

  • Side Lunge

Once more select one of your golf clubs and hold it behind your neck looking straight ahead. Step out to one side – you should feel a little pull up the inside of your leg. Repeat in the other direction.

If you regularly do warm up exercises before you start your game you can improve your range of motion, achieve a fuller swing and benefit from greater stamina, as well as reducing the prospect of injury. See a physical fitness trainer if you want a more extensive or varied warm-up routine.

Modelling: Tips for Exercising

Some models are fortunate enough to have fantastic bodies that don’t need much training to keep in shape. They’re in the minority however, and to expand your chances of getting modelling work, it’s worth staying fit.

There are many different types of exercise you can do to keep fit and healthy. Fitting them into your hectic routine as a model is a different matter though, so here are some of the more common sports and fitness routines that models use.

Creating Muscle Tone

Unless you are specifically a fitness model, you don’t need to do weight training. A Personal trainer London could help you look at exercises that encourage a lengthening of the muscles and general body tone. This can be anything from gymnastics to swimming – all-round physical exercise that produces good muscle tone all over your body. You should be aiming to do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week to keep in good physical shape. Yoga and Pilates are good for core strength and also for promoting relaxation and inner calm, which can be invaluable in your hectic modelling life.

Try choosing exercises that can be done anywhere, particularly if you are spending a lot of time travelling and staying away from your regular exercise class. There’s a wide range of useful floor exercises that you can do at home or in a hotel room, and as long as you’re well prepared by your class instructor, you should be able to do these without supervision and without damaging yourself.

Muscles for Men

Men will probably do more serious exercise than women as, although it’s not essential to have extreme muscles for male modelling, you are expected to have good muscle tone and shape. It may be that moderate weight lifting, as well as general aerobic exercise is what you need. Talk to your agent to get some advice.

If you have the time and money, it may be worth investing in a personal trainer. He or she will look at your lifestyle, your eating habits and your leisure time and develop a programme that suits the way you live and your fitness targets. The personal trainer is a motivator and will make sure that you get the exercise you need.

Exercise is just part of the modelling lifestyle, along with healthy eating and sensible beauty routines. Find the exercise that suits you best, and one that you enjoy doing, and you will find it helps you keep you in shape, and perhaps makes the difference to whether or not your are booked.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How To Choose Quality Golf Equipment Wisely

You're new to the sport of golf and thus, are clueless about golf equipment. Sure, you can tell the difference between the various drivers. But that is pretty much it.
You simply aren't sure whether or not the golf equipment you're looking at is a quality brand. Oh dear, there's that word again—"brand". No, we aren't discriminating against branded golf equipment. For there are in fact, a lot of branded golf equipment that deliver on their "pricey promises" of giving you top-notch quality. There are those however, that deliver nothing but marketing jargon. Their quality (or the lack thereof) leaves a lot to be desired.
We can understand your predicament. You're a novice. And of course, you want to get the most out of your hard-earned quid. Not to worry. We have a few tips to help you choose your golf equipment wisely:
We reckon you've got an idea of how much you're willing to spend for golf equipment. Or do you? Not having any budget is the worst mistake you can make—for any purchase. This can actually be very dangerous. You see, there is a lot of various golf equipment available out there. Some sports and hobby shops even carry a hundred or so brands under one roof. This can be very overwhelming to a novice such as you. It's like being a child in a toy store. All those "toys" can be very exciting. Let's not forget the ever-present salesperson (?) that will try and convince you to buy a certain brand. "Try this one sir. It maybe a bit pricey but you'll surely get your money's worth". Oh really? How? Knowing how much you are willing to spend (and sticking to it) helps you avoid the temptation to give in to such sales talk.
Why not start with the basics? You know, clubs, balls, tees, and so on. Then there are the basic training and exercise equipment. Just to get you started and keep you physically fit while you're at it.
Do your homework. That sports and hobby shop may have a lot of golf equipment on its shelves. It isn't however, the only sporting goods store in town. Shop around and compare brands. Take the golf equipment for a "test swing" before buying. This gives you a feel of that driver, for instance. And looking at several brands allows you to know which one "feels right" and feels like a quality piece of equipment.
So take your time when purchasing golf equipment. You've taken your time to learn the sport, right? So why not wait a bit longer and get the quality golf equipment and Ping golf clothing you deserve. Good luck

Muscle toning at home

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get good muscle toning.

When we talk about muscle toning, people often think of the “strong-man” image, which has taken hours of work at the gym to achieve and maintain. In fact, the term “muscle toning” really just refers to strengthening the muscles and reducing body fat, which automatically makes muscles more visible. Achieving this type of muscle toning is something you can do at home.

Muscle toning – home training

Exercising at home is appealing to many people for various reasons:

  • Time-saving – people who work all day or who have busy lives at home just don’t want to go out to the gym in the evenings. Even if you’re only working out for 45 minutes, you have to take into account the journey there and back and the time spent changing and showering after your session. Save time by focusing on muscle toning at home.

  • Money-saving – although you may have to invest in some muscle toning equipment to start off with, you won’t have to fork out for monthly gym payments and the cost of getting to and from your fitness centre. In the long run, training at home could help to save money.

  • Stress-saving – there’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and discovering that it’s so busy you can’t use the equipment you need. By using your home for muscle toning exercise, you can be sure that all the equipment you need is available when you need it.

  • Entertainment – many people like to work out to music, or in front of the television. Whilst most gyms provide some form of visual entertainment, the channel isn’t always tuned to something you want to watch. Training at home can allow you to achieve the muscle toning you desire, whilst also keeping an eye on your favourite programmes.

If you’re thinking of taking up muscle training at home, think about the sort of equipment you’ll need and maximuscle sports supplements. You may have a budget, in which case you’ll need to think about the equipment that’s going to give you the most effective muscle toning workout. In many cases, people are choosing vibration training when it comes to strengthening muscles and improving body shape. That’s because the vibration training equipment works your muscles harder, making them contract multiple times per second. This in turn means that you can get greater value from a shorter workout, giving you even more leisure time to enjoy whilst still improving muscle toning.

Mens Converse All Stars: Skateboarding Ambassadors

The subcultures of mens Converse All Stars range from rock music to basketball legends, and the All Stars now have a full collection of skateboarding personalities to boot.

Mens Converse All Stars have infected the rock world, the basketball world, the writing world, the art world and also the skateboarding world. So many global celebs have worn mens Converse All Stars, making them the iconic footwear that they are today.

With basketball legends like Chuck Taylor, bands such as The Who, Metallica and The Jam, and the likes of modern day artists such Damion Silver, Timothy Liles and Scott Patt, mens Converse All Stars have explored many different avenues in modern culture. And that’s what it’s about – bringing people together through great music, incredible style, exciting sports and thought-provoking art work.

We certainly can’t forget the influence that mens Converse All Stars have had on the skateboarding world, and the superb collection of skateboarding personalities show just what an integral part these shoes play in the extreme sport. Ambassadors include Angel Ramirez, Rune Glifberg, Sammy Baca, Nick Trapasso, Tom Remillard, Anthony Pappalardo, Raymond Molinar, Ethan Fowler, Eli Reed and Kenny Anderson.

These ambassadors are pioneers of mens Converse All Stars, but while their skateboarding profile goes hand in hand with their iconic choice of footwear, they also all have other hidden talents. Shock horror, yes they really do have other interests. Did you know that Anthony Pappalardo, otherwise known as ‘Pops’ is a successful furniture maker? And Ethan Fowler is a ripping guitarist? No, and I bet you were none the wiser to Raymond Molinar’s musical talents and his love for analogue cameras (don’t ask – some people have weird hobbies).  

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