Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Give yourself a Chance with White Gold Wedding Rings – The Contemporary Choice

White gold wedding rings make the perfect alternative to expensively priced platinum jewellery. 

White gold wedding rings are a contemporary choice for anyone who doesn’t want the traditional look of yellow gold. Making the ideal alternative to platinum, white gold wedding rings can also save you some money if you are planning your wedding to a budget.

White gold wedding rings first came to popularity in the 1920s. Today, it has become increasingly popular, looks incredibly modern and stylish, and is great for cooler skin tones.  Not only is it a more cost effective metal for wedding rings, but it is also fashionable and of current trends. 

What is White Gold?

Wedding rings can come in many different metals. Gold itself is available in many different shades – white, yellow, rose / Russian gold, green, grey, black, blue, and white. Gold wedding rings and eternity bands are available in the entire spectrum of the metal through the mixing of pure gold with other metals. This happens in an alloying process so white gold is combined with silver palladium to create that ‘white gold’ effect. 

White gold wedding rings are usually enhanced with rhodium plating, creating a luxurious shine and reflective surface.  It is normal for white gold jewellery to lose brightness over time, but white gold wedding rings can  be maintained with rhodium plating every few years or so.  Periodically taking care of your jewellery is the best to preserve the reflective surface of white gold

White Gold Wedding Rings: The Beauty of Variety

Gold jewellery is a wonderful finishing touch to any ensemble, but we all have very different skin tones, fashion preferences and personal style choices. White gold wedding rings are perfect for cooler skin tones – usually people with blue, green or grey eyes.  But the best way to test skin tone is to hold different coloured metals against the skin to see what looks better. 

White Gold Wedding Rings: For Him, For Her

If you are looking for white gold weddings, there are so many different things to consider. With so much choice around, you need to think about plain bands, diamond set rings, bi-colour, matching him and her wedding rings, or shaped white gold wedding rings. You can also choose decorative wedding bands, with or without diamonds. Find out more at

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