Monday, 30 April 2012

Golf Clubs – Warm up Exercises

Being physically fit and warming up your muscles is just as important in golf as in any other sport.

Just because golf has a reputation for being genteel doesn’t mean it isn’t physically exacting. Golfers need to be aware of the benefits of warm-up exercises before a match, particularly for injury prevention from strains or muscle pulls caused by swinging your golf clubs.

Golf is a popular sport with no age limits and the tendency to see players as retired and not necessarily in the peak of physical condition, contributes to the injury risk.

Golfers can commonly suffer sprains and overuse injuries as well as more rarely, acute injuries from falls or being hit by golf balls or golf clubs.
Although professional golfers are more likely to suffer an injury of some sort thanks to the amount of time spent playing the game, amateurs are more susceptible to strains. This is because if you are not in physical shape, than the swing of your golf clubs place greater stress on your muscles and bones.

Warming-up therefore is essential – the hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders, lower back, chest, trunk, hamstrings and groin are all used swinging your golf clubs.

Some useful warm up exercises before you pick up your golf clubs:

  • Arm Circles

Hold your arms outright to your side and start rotating in small circles, gradually increasing the circle. Switch direction every 15 seconds twice.

  • Overhead Extension

This helps to prepare your shoulders – hold one of your golf clubs over your head with your arms extended and feet set apart, lower the club towards your feet and up again. You only need to do this for a few minutes.

  • Overhead side bend

Chose one of your golf clubs and hold it above your head (as above) lean your body to one side and hold briefly until you feel a slight stretch on the opposite side, than switch sides. Do this four or five times.

  • Side Lunge

Once more select one of your golf clubs and hold it behind your neck looking straight ahead. Step out to one side – you should feel a little pull up the inside of your leg. Repeat in the other direction.

If you regularly do warm up exercises before you start your game you can improve your range of motion, achieve a fuller swing and benefit from greater stamina, as well as reducing the prospect of injury. See a physical fitness trainer if you want a more extensive or varied warm-up routine.

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